15 June 2022


“Baltimore Flowers” with Georgina Oldham

A wonderful evening creating flowers from fabric

6 July 2022


“Colonial Knots” by Sadie Yeomans

of Cornerhouse Crafts

September 2022

Doreen returned to the USA after spending some time with us. She is originally from Ireland and emigrated to New York with her family when she was 12. She has no close relatives in New York and came to the UK to visit her Irish relatives who now live in the Stratford area and contemplate moving here. We thoroughly enjoyed her company and this is what she emailed us when she arrived home:


I loved meeting all of you. You made me feel so welcome! You will see me again!

Our group is more informal than yours, born via covid. We used to meet at a quilting shop (City Quilter) that closed soon before covid when the owners retired (after running it for 25 years). So now we meet once a month at a sewing shop. We are, very informally called the Crazy Friday Night Gang. (This originated back at the City Quilter when there used to be a crazy-quilting class.) We hope, as covid evaporates more, that we can meet more frequently. We do not (as yet, anyway) have a website. But I'm passing the photo on to my gang, and will take a photo to send you at our next meeting. I'm so impressed that your two groups are meeting so often. Those gatherings, and the camaraderie added significantly to my SUA adventure.

We will stay in touch!

Take care!

Doreen xx

20 July 2022

Tree Challenge

Members created these projects with the theme of "trees"

5 October 2022


“Christmas Wallhanging”

by Eleanor Marsden

7 September 2022

Workshop: “Cathedral Windows by Machine”

by Karen from the Quilter's Den

3 August 2022

Talk: “Lockdown Quilts”

by Sally Ablett

17 May 2023

Talk & Workshop:

“Quilts History to Present”

by Sarah Hibbert

1 May 2023

Talk: “Not being a Championship Quilter”

by Judi Mendelssohn

1 February 2023

Talk by Delphine Brooks

June 2023

Completed "Heart challenge" by our members

July 2023

Dog pin cushions from our member-led workshop

October 2023

Vee Jenkins gave a talk and demo on 'Zentangles' and shared lots of helpful tips

Vee also showed us her stunning quilts and works of art